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Creating Effective Content to Boost your Sales Reps’ Productivity

Sellavate idea: Make your marketing content accessible to increase your sales reps selling time

According to a report by Docurated, salespeople are only spending 32% of their time selling. So what’s taking up their time? According to the study, 34% of sales teams measure their sales productivity by their reps’ efficiency, but when almost a third of a salesperson’s time is spent creating marketing content, that efficiency quickly plummets.

About 25% of all sales teams are now creating their own sales (marketing) collateral. They find that they have a better understanding of the needs of the customers than do the marketing departments, and most companies surveyed cited a lack of accessibility of the material as a huge time suck.

In this article from B2B Lead Blog, Rachel Davidson describes in detail 5 ways to create content that will not only be relevant to your sales team, but will increase your reps’ efficiency as well. Here are two of our favorites.

You can read the full article here.

Tip #1 – Align Sales and Marketing
Sales and marketing teams don’t always play nice – especially when it comes to content. Sales reps demand marketing content as it relates to customer needs, but marketing is often one step away from the insights they need to truly deliver what works. Whether or not their involvement and interest truly evaporate once they hand off content to sales, or whether sales doesn’t offer sufficient feedback from customers, marketing teams oftentimes lose the visibility they need to produce customized, compelling content.

Here are three ways you can begin to bridge the gap between sales and marketing and set your business up for success:

  1. Define accountabilities and set goals. Decide what optimum outcome both teams are expecting from this alignment, as well as ownership in regards to roles and responsibilities. For example, sales could commit to quantifying customer engagement and using a modern content analytics tool to drive the strategy forward. Marketing can then focus on using those measurements to develop customer-centric content.
  2. Establish cross-collaboration and communication. The very notion of aligning sales and marketing teams means that they’ll need to learn to work together continually. Communication should always be open, and teams should always be sharing metrics into which sales pitches are working, how customers receive different types of content, and which content challenges each team faces every day.
    Fix content gaps. Once you have your plan set in place, take a step back and find out what’s currently working (and what’s not). Find out where your content is meeting its original expectations, and measure any shortcomings. Draft a new plan to strategize how you can fix these imbalances.

Tip #2 – Make Your Content Accessible
Of course, none of the above steps make any difference if you’re not utilizing a smart content feed that will deliver you the content you need, as soon as you need it.
As much as 19% of a salesperson’s time is spent “searching for and gathering information,” according to a report by McKinsey. This statistic should be absolutely unacceptable in your business because it undoes all of the hard work implemented by each team and instead creates rework where your content really matters: When pitching it to customers. Finding a solution that makes your content more accessible to the people closing deals for your business means saving time, money, and overall resources.

Lucky for us, the best sales enablement tools and technologies will ensure that all of your sales content is organized, prioritized, and categorized to free your reps up to do what they do best: sell. For a list of sales enablement technology that will help you store and easily locate sales collateral download our free ebook: 7 Strategies To Help Your Sales Team Become More Profitable

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